Transmission Repair & Rebuild Melbourne

Manual & Automatic Transmission Rebuild & Repair in Melbourne

We offer the best possible service for both manual and automatic transmission systems of a vehicle in Melbourne. Our technicians draw upon their knowledge and experience while resolving the problems that have taken place in the transmission system of your car whether it is rebuilt or repair.

We check the transmission components to replace the faulty ones and also perform various tasks for maintaining the transmission system.

Signs you need a Car Transmission Service:

Manual Transmission

  • Clutch feels spongy, and clutch pedal feels loose
  • The gears don’t engage or engage very slowly
  • The car makes grinding noise while shifting gears

Automatic Transmission

  • A flashing ‘Check Engine’ light
  • The car shakes while changing gears
  • Grinding or whining noise from a car in neutral mode

Every car mechanic at our auto repair and service centre can provide you with brilliant tips for extending the life of manual transmission as well as an automatic transmission in Melbourne.

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