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Affordable Log book Servicing in Melbourne

Once you purchase a vehicle, you must take it for regular logbook servicing as instructed by the manufacturer. Choosing an authorized auto repair shop for your logbook services is necessary to retain the warranty of your vehicle. If you’re living in Melbourne or the surrounding areas, book an appointment with Berwick Enterprise Automotive right away.

Since logbook services are manufacturer recommended services for your vehicle, many car owners think that they need to be done in the dealership itself. Nevertheless, getting it done by a local yet authorized logbook service provider will give you the same standard of service at a much lower cost. Our authorized service station has all the necessary equipment and tools to provide logbook services for your vehicle.

Though the main reason car owners follow up with logbook services is to retain the warranty, it’s also needed to receive optimal performance from your vehicle. Regular servicing can also increase the resale value of your vehicle.

All our mechanics are qualified to perform logbook servicing to cars and 4WDs of all makes and models. You can trust us to follow manufacturer’s specifications and use OEM spare parts, oils, and lubricants when needed.

  • Our mechanics are qualified to conduct the log book servicing.

  • Our service station is authorized to provide log book service.

  • We use OEM spare parts, oils and lubricants.
  • We follow the manufacturer’s specifications.

All our work is guaranteed. Once we check your vehicle thoroughly and make all the necessary repairs and replacement, we will stamp the logbook and you can get back on the road soon. Call us today on 03 9769 9688 to speak to our friendly mechanics.

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