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Vehicle Services

When it comes to Auto Services, you can trust the friendly and professional team at Berwick Enterprise Automotive.

We offer a range of quality auto services to the Melbourne area, including:

  • Roadworthy Certificate inspections
  • Log book servicing
  • General and routine servicing
  • Engine tuning
  • Diagnostics and repairs
  • Engine management & diagnostics
  • Engine repairs & replacement
  • Timing belt replacement
  • Transmission service
  • Battery replacement
  • Free battery & charging system testing
  • Trailer service & repairs
  • Brake & clutch repairs
  • Gearbox manual & auto service
  • Oil changes
  • Electrical and mechanical diagnostics
  • Tyre sales and fitting
  • Exhaust system servicing and replacement
  • Fleet service available
In need of a quality auto service?

Let Berwick Enterprise Automotive help you. We will ensure the longevity of your new vehicle so you can enjoy it for years to come. Our skilled technicians proudly provide a guarantee on all their work.

Log Book Service

Car dealers and franchises are not the only ones who perform log book servicing. 

Here at Berwick Enterprise Automotive, we also perform log book servicing. Don't worry, your new car's statutory warranty will not be voided if we service your car because we adhere to the manufacturer's guidelines [Fact confirmed by the A.C.C.C. - Australian Competition and Consumer Commission].

Roadworthy Certificate - RWC

A Roadworthy Certificate inspection checks a vehicle's key components to ensure they aren't defective or overly worn. The main areas covered are:
• wheels and tyres,
• steering,
• braking systems,
• seats and seat belts,
• suspension,
• structural integrity,
• windows and windscreen

It also checks other safety-related items including the engine and other mechanical aspects of your vehicle.

Berwick Enterprise Automotive will ensure your car complies to the Roadworthy standards. We will repair or replace anything which is not in compliance and also help you get your Roadworthy Certificate for the best possible price!

Why do you need to perform Log Book Servicing?

While your car is under warranty, your car needs to be maintained and serviced as set out by the manufacturer in your car's service book otherwise you may void your warranty.

When cars are manufactured the servicing schedule is designed to ensure the vehicle's optimum efficiency is maintained, not just for the first 100,000 km, but for the future life of the vehicle.

Therefore, the minimum amount of servicing that should be performed should be what is stated in the owner's handbook. In some cases items need to be serviced more regularly, depending on the use of the car and the driving conditions. (e.g. 4WD - 4-wheel driving - and towing put more strain on the drive line and brakes, so transmissions and brakes will need more regular service).

When we perform a log book service at Berwick Enterprise Automotive, we always carry out the service according to the car's service book. We also look for any commonly known faults that can occur with that model and complete your service book with the right details to ensure you retain your car's warranty.

Gearbox Service

Is your gearbox automatic or manual? Either way, when it comes to transmission troubles, the best way to avoid costly major gearbox services is to get regular check-ups and maintenance on your vehicle.

No matter what issue your transmission might have, our team will identify the problem and then work quickly and expertly to solve it. That means we'll have you back on the road in less time and for less money than other transmission service centres.

Car Tyres

Here at Berwick Enterprise Automotive, we have a trusted, high-quality car tyre specialist waiting on standby to solve any of your car tyre problems.

When you come into Berwick Enterprise Automotive our team of qualified professionals will listen to the specifications of your car tyre problem and help you make the right decision for replacement tyres. We then take your car to one of our fully qualified car tyre service centres where they will take care of all your fitting and rotating needs and send you on your way with a smile on your face and a fresh set of car tyres on your vehicle.

We Understand Car Tyres...

Little things can make a big difference when it comes to the longevity and performance of your car tyres and vehicle. Take for instance tyre pressure - correct tyre pressure is important because it extends the life of car tyres while increasing fuel economy. This gives you and your passengers a smoother, safer, and more comfortable ride.

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